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Golden Triangle of Ukraine
(transport based tour)
Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
(Language of the tours: English)

Description of the tour:

In collaboration with KALIPSO Ukraine travel Company.
ATTANTION: THE PRICES ARE CALCULATED FOR 5 STAR HOTELS, there are cheaper options for 3 and 4 star hotels (we can calculate for your group separately).

Itinerary: Kiev city tour – Mamaieva Sloboda - Andrew's Descent – monument "Motherland" and Museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War - Kievo-Pecherska Lavra - Lviv – Lviv city-tour – Odessa – Odessa city-tour

Tour program:
Arrival in Kiev. Meet-and-greet at the airport.
Transfer to your hotelwill be provided.
Dinner at the restaurant.
Check-in at the hotel.
Overnight at hotel in Kiev.

Breakfast in the hotel.
Kiev city-tour. We will start from Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, Bessarabskaya Square, Khreshchatyk street, Independence Square, Valery Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium, Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine, Mariinsky Park and Palace, Square of Glory, Kievo- Pecherska Lavra, Mikhailovskaya Square and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, St. Sophia of Kiev, Golden Gate and other attractions of Kiev.
Lunch at the restaurant.
Excursion to Mamaieva Sloboda. This open Air Museum replicates a traditional Cossack settlement of the 17th and 18th centuries in the heart of Kiev.
Dinner at the restaurant.
Overnight at hotel in Kiev.

Breakfast in the hotel.
Excursion along the Andrew's Descent.
Andrew's Descent (also known as “Kiev’s Montmartre”) and one of “must see” places in Kiev - The Saint Andrew's Church. In the buildings, along the streets of "Kiev’s Montmartre", there are art galleries, exhibitions, theaters and art workshops. Numerous open air Ukrainian souvenir shops can also be found there.
Lunch at the restaurant.
Visiting the most famous symbols of Kiev and Ukraine: the monument
"Motherland" –Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War
and Kievo-Pecherska Lavra. A colossal 62-meter statue of Motherland (102 m
with pedestal) is made of special stainless steel and assembled with a special
crane. The memorial complex "Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War
II" occupies 10 hectares on the hill of the right bank of the Dnieper. It consists of a giant bowl of the Eternal Flame, an exhibition of military equipment from the times of World War II, as well as post-war years, the alley of the Heroic Cities. Along the slopes of Dnieper lays the front alley, which goes to the gallery of the Main Entrance leading to the square and the museum itself. The sculptures of the gallery embody the heroic defense of the USSR border from the German attack, the horrors of the German occupation, the guerrilla struggle, the labor feat of the rear, the battle for the Dnieper.
And one of the most popular sites highly recommended for visits in Kiev is Pechersk Lavra. Churches and relics for believers, ancient monuments for history fans, magnificent combination of architecture, nature and landscape for beauty enthusiasts – everyone will find something to his taste there.
Dinner at the restaurant.

Breakfast in the hotel (or lunch boxes). Early transfer to
railway station.
06:00- 06 :30 Departure by express train to Lviv.
11:45 or 13:30 Arrival in Lviv.
Lunch in local restaurant.
Transfer to the hotel and check in.
Lviv city-tour. The route of the panoramic walking tour through the center of Lviv passes through the streets of the medieval town, the famous Market Square, avenues that are filled with history. You will see all the most popular and famous monuments of architecture.
Dinner at the restaurant.
Overnight stay.

Breakfast in the hotel.
Excursion “Lviv with the taste of coffee” with degustation 2 cup of coffee in different places. Coffee in Lvov is nothing but a mineral that is mined in the
same way as coal or peat. We invite everyone to the amazing coffee dungeons, where you will hear everything about this aromatic drink, watch master classes on brewing the most amazing coffee, and of course, try a cup of magic drink, made in accordance to a unique recipe.
Transfer to Slavske (the Carpathian Mountains). Today you will have interesting excursion to the mountain “Zahar Berkut”. You will see a picturesque andscapes and plunge into the atmosphere of Carpathian nature. It will be amazing!
Lunch in Carpathian restaurant.
Return to Lviv.
Dinner in local restaurant.
Transfer to the railway station.
Departure to Odessa by night train.

Arrival in Odessa. Breakfast at the café of the city.
Odessa city-tour. You will walk along Deribasovskaya street and Primorsky
Boulevard, admire the beauty of the Opera House, the building of the
Odessa National Philharmony, the City Duma (city government house), the
monument of Duke, Potemkin Stairs, Passage, the Palace of Earl M.S.
Vorontsov. You will see the Odessa Savior-Transfiguration Cathedral, where
miraculous icons are exhibited. No doubt you will be surprised by the
"Mother-in-laws Bridge", and our guide will help you to solve its main
mysteries. You will find out why and how the "One-Walled House" appeared
in the city. You will visit the open-air museum "Corner of Old Odessa" and
make a wish on the "Bridge of Brides". Cathedral, Catherine and Duma
Squares will unveil their secrets for you as well. You will definitely have to
visit the smallest square of the city - Square named after Ostap Bender, sit
on the 12th chair, in which were hidden the treasures of Madame Petuhova,
(reference to the book “12 chairs” by Ilf and Petrov). Also you can see the
monument to the famous soviet singer Utyosov. (locals believe that giving a
hug to this monument or rubbing his nose will bring you a good luck).

Lunch at restaurant.
Afterwards – transfer to the hotel. Check in.
We recommend you to take an excursion “Odessky Privoz and Catacombs.
Catacombs - are the former underground quarries, from which the rock-shell was extracted - the main building material of ancient Odessa. At the beginning of the 19th century, here, underground, were created so called “hotels” for the workers and stables. Some poor horses were born, brought up and died without ever seen a day light. After the revolution the extraction of the shell-rock was forbidden. Odessa Catacombs - these intricate labyrinths at some point turned into a safe place for all sorts of criminals and deserters. They were escaping into one of secret corridors and then will safely emerge onto surface of earth a few kilometers away from that point. And in case of a siege, criminals could hide under the ground for weeks, using food stores and wells they had there. For smugglers, labyrinths served as stores for illegal goods.
Free time in the city. We recommend you to have a walk to the beach of the Black Sea. Because Odessa is the Southern capital of Ukraine with Black Sea coastline, relaxed nightlife, festive mood and amazing beaches!
Dinner in the restaurant.

Breakfast in the hotel.We recommend you to take an excursion to Belgorod - Dniester fortress, with the visit of Shabo – center of wine culture, with wine tasting. during this trip you will be overwhelmed with positive impressions. First, we will take a road by the sea, across the firth, to the town Belgorod Dnestrovsky, where we will visit fortress Akkerman. The medieval fortress "Akkerman" on the banks of the Dniester firth, is one of the largest and best preserved in Ukraine, its ancient towers store thousands of legends ...
Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is the oldest city in Ukraine and one of the most ancient
cities in Europe. Along with the world-famous Rome, Athens, Jerusalem - the
city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is one of the ten most ancient cities in the world.
2500 years of history of this city will make this excursion to be remembered for a long time! Lunch in local. Excursion and wine tasting at the Center of ”Culture and Wine of Shabo". "Life is too short to drink bad wine" - French proverb. Therefore, we will visit the Wine Culture Center in Shabo to drink some good wine! Shabo is located on the same latitude as Provence, Bordeaux and famous Swiss vineyards. And Shabo itself was
founded by the Swiss, so they brought their winemaking culture safely here,
to us. You will have a great opportunity to appreciate the richness of the
bouquet of Shabian wines and to learn in detail the history of winemaking in
Shabo. And, of course to taste some of their finest wines. (there will be 6 of them in total) because you are surely not going to spent one of the most happiest days of your life – being sober . Return to Odessa.
Dinner in restaurant.
Free time in the city. Overnight at the hotel.

Breakfast in the hotel. Check out.
Transfer to the airport of Odessa without guide.
End of service.
Happy return journey home.

Duration of the tour: 8 days

Included services: *hotels may be replaced by equals in the same category. *Because of changes usd/uah rates the program cost may be recalculated * 1 pax group up to 10 pax is calculated for free in TWIN or DBL room The price of program includes: 6 nights in the hotel of your choice 3 nights in Kyiv, 1 night in Lviv, 2 nights in Odessa and 1 night in the train Lviv-Odessa compartment for 4 pax 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches 7 dinners Individual transportations for group during the tour DAY 1: 4 hours with transfer. DAY 2: 9 hours. DAY 3: 9 hours. DAY 4: 2 transfers. DAY 5: 8 hours. DAY 6: 9 hours. DAY 6: 9 hours.DAY 7: 9 hours. DAY 8: transfer. Guide service English, Polish, Spanish, German, Slovakian, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Persian, Chinese speaking guide Kyiv city-tour Excursion to the Museum “Mamaieva Sloboda” with entrance tickets Excursion along the Andrews Descent Excursion to the monument Motherland and the Museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War with entrance tickets Excursion to the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra with entrance tickets Train tickets Kyiv – Lviv 2-nd class sitting train Lviv city-tour Excursion to the mountain “Zahar Berkut” Coffee excursion with degustation 2 cups of coffee Train tickets Lviv – Odessa – 4 pax in one compartment Odessa city-tour. Odessa catacombs with entrance tickets Excursion to Belgorod - Dniester fortress, with the visit of Shabo – center of wine culture, with wine tasting
The biggest quantity of tourists
in a tour group: 45 persons

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