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Lychakiv cemetary
(walking tour)
Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, 79000
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Description of the tour:

Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the oldest and most beautiful necropolises in Europe. Founded in 1786 on several hills of the Lviv suburb Lyczakow (Lychakiv), the cemetery became the burial place of prominent citizens of Lviv of various nationalities and professions. Today, the area of this museum is approximately 43 hectares and is divided into 86 fields. In the 19th century Lychakiv necropolis was decorated with park trees by a project of Karol Bauer , the chief of the Leopolitan University botanical garden and significantly expanded by Tytus Tchórzewski. So here you can walk in silence and think about "Eternity", remembering the people who went down in history ...
Beside Yaniv Cemetery and New Jewish Cemetery, Lychakiv is considered as the largest one having over 380 thousand people buried: mainly Christians of Roman Catholic, Greek Ukrainian Catholics, Orthodox and Lutheran rites.
At Lychakiv Cemetery we will visit the graves of writer Ivan Franko, poet Markian Shashkevych, Seweryn Goszczyński, Maria Konopnicka, actress Solomia Krushelnycka, composers Stanislav Ludkewich, Mykola Kolessa, Volodymyr Ivasyuk, Ihor Bilozir, athlete Viktor Chukarin, mathematician Stefan Banach, banker Franciszek Stefczyk, architect Zygmund Gorgolewski, painter and printmaker Jacques Hnizdovsky, writers Gabriela Zapolska, Wladyslaw Belza, philosopher Piotr Chmielowski, aviator Mieczysław Garsztka , historian Mieczysław Gębarowicz, artist Artur Grottger, founder of the first theatre in Lviv Jan Nepomucen Kamiński...
Besides our tour includes visiting the Cemetery of Polish Defenders of Lwów (Eaglets) - a memorial and a burial place for the Polish militaries and their American and French allies who died in Lviv during Polish-Ukrainian War (1918−1919) (inc. Edmund Pike Graves, pilot and member of the Kościuszko Squadron, a colleague of Merian Cooper, producer of movie “King Kong” (1933), one of first military surgeons Ludwik Rydygier and Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski, Polish general and a co-founder of modern Poland) and Polish-Soviet War (1919−1921)) and Ukrainian Military memorial (burial place of Ukrainian soldiers from WWI, Polish-Ukrainian, WWII and present day Russian-Ukrainian wars (including Alexander Tysovskyi - founder of Ukrainian Scouting) ).
On another hill on the field N6 of the cemetery covered with steel crosses and Wizunas Szydlowski monument, we find «1863 rebels' hill», where participants of Polish January Uprising of 1863 are buried , including a famous zoologist Benedykt Dybowski.

Duration of the tour: 2 hours

The biggest quantity of tourists
in a tour group: 51 persons

Extra costs: 2 USDollar

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