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Drohobych, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
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Description of the tour:

Drohobych appeared in the XI century as a center of salt production. Later, in the 19th century, ozokerite (earth wax) was mined near Drohobych, followed by oil and gas. In 1866, the city built the first refinery in Central Europe (refinery), which made Austria-Hungary one of the leaders in oil production in the late XIX - early XX century, and Galicia in the second country in the world (after California) exporter petroleum products.

Drohobych is one of the richest cities in our region. George Kotermak (15th century scientist, rector of the University of Bologna), Bruno Schulz (artist and writer), Maurice Gottlieb (artist), Ivan Franko (writer, poet and journalist), Irena Frisch (Jewish writer) and others were born and lived here ... .

During the tour you can visit the church of St. Bartholomew with a bell tower (14-15 centuries), the Church of St. George (16th century), the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (1613), the Bruno Schulz Museum, the Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul (XIX century), the Church of St. Trinity (XVII-XIX centuries), saltworks of the XIII century, choral synagogue ...

Duration of the tour: 4 hours

The biggest quantity of tourists
in a tour group: 51 persons

Extra costs: 5 USDollar

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