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Lake Synevyr. Waterfall Shypit. Gemba Mountain
(bus tour)
Lviv - Synevyr - Shypit - Lviv
(Language of the tours: English)

Description of the tour:

Lake Synevyr (Ukrainian: озеро Синевир) is the largest lake in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. It is located in Mizhhiria district, Zakarpattia Region, not far from the village of Synevyr Poliana. It is part of the National natural preserve “Synevyr”, which was established in 1989. Scientists estimate that the lake formed about ten thousand years ago. In 2008, the lake was recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.
Waterfall Shypit is one of the most beautiful in Transcarpathia, on the northern slopes of the mountain group Polonyna Borzhava at the foot of Mount Gemba.The total height is 14 meters. The name “Shypit ” means “whisper”, because you can hear the echo of falling water far from the waterfall.
Gemba Mountain is one of the highest mountains of Polonyna Borzhava Massif. It is the second highest ski resort in Ukraine after Drahobrat, it has the longest Ukrainian piste of about 3.5 km. Geographical location: south-west part of the massif in the Transcarpathia, in Synevyr National Nature Park. The mountain height is 1498 m.

Group excursion is performed in Ukrainian language.
Start at 7:00 a.m. (Rynok Square, 29, courtyard)
Trip duration — 7:30–23:30.

Duration of the tour: 16 hours

Included services: guide and transport
The biggest quantity of tourists
in a tour group: 51 persons

Extra costs: 1.29 USDollar

Booked 1 times.


Larissa Kaye wrote: We spent 10 days with Yaroslav exploring in the Carpathian mountains and west of Lviv. He was a wealth of information, able to bring history alive and allow you to understand Ukraine and Ukrainians today. Nothing was too much trouble and he was willing to take you off the tourist track. We've never laughed so much!


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Jaroslaw Vitiv