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Castles of Lviv region
(bus tour)
Lviv - Olesko - Pidhirtsi - Zolochiv - Univ - Lviv
(Language of the tours: English)

Description of the tour:

Castles of Lviv Ukraine region are ones of the major tourist attractions around outside the city of Lviv. Their beautiful architecture, mystical history and scenic landscape have always attracted people.
It is a nice trip, where you can visit three most beautiful castles in Lviv region: Olesko, Hidhirci and Zolochiv.
The first one is mentioned in 1327, when the last Ruthenian king George Troydenowicz inspected the place to verify its strength against permanent danger of Tatars attack. Later there was born the most outstanding King of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - Jan Sobieski.

Duration of the tour: 9 hours

Included services: free film and guiding services
The biggest quantity of tourists
in a tour group: 52 persons

Extra costs: 4.43 USDollar

Total distance in kilometers: 200 (KM)

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Jaroslaw Vitiv